10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easier!

March 8, 2023

Spring is near, which means it is time to make that transition from the cold winter months to longer days and warmer weather! This also means it is time for a refresh in our lives, and in our homes. Below we are sharing our favorite tips for helping you with your spring cleaning and making your home feel brand new!

  1. Make a schedule! Take a moment to plan out and write down what you want to focus on and what you want to get done. Take mental note of what each room needs, and what your goals are and make a checklist! It will make you feel accomplished and motivated as you check off each item.
  2. Go room by room. Cleaning a home is overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start. By focusing on one room at a time, you are breaking up the task into digestible pieces and are less likely to get distracted and frustrated.
  3. Put on some tunes! Whether it is a podcast, your favorite album, or an audiobook, have some type of sound going on in the background to keep you motivated and make cleaning enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to show off your dance moves!
  4. Breathe in the fresh air! Open windows and doors and let in some natural light. Not only will it make you feel better, but it helps to air out the space and will make the room feel fresher.
  5. Declutter the space. Cluttered spaces are overwhelming and over time, items can build up and can make a room feel crowded. Look around and see what belongs there, and what doesn’t!  We recommend sorting into 3 piles, keep, donate, and trash! This is especially helpful to visualize how much you are keeping and getting rid of. (Don’t forget to check your properties waste disposal rules!)
  6. Donate any unneeded items to local organizations. Whether it’s clothes, appliances, home items, décor, or non-perishable food items, not only will you be clearing out your space but you will also be helping those in need. There are many organizations that accept gently used items and give them to those in need. Some organizations that are near and dear to ResideBPG are:
  1. Work top to bottom. Start at the top by dusting high surface areas (i.e. corners of the ceiling, blinds, etc.) Then move to eye level, followed by countertop or tables, and lastly the floor. As you are cleaning, the dust or dirt settles to the floor, so it’s important to sweep, vacuum, and/or mop as your final task.
  2. Think about the small things: Often these are the things that get forgotten about during regular cleaning days! So, take this time to do those tedious tasks such as cleaning the baseboards, dusting the blinds, and evicting the dust bunnies from under your furniture.
  3. Add a nice aroma to the room. Light a candle, turn on a diffuser or whatever you prefer to make the room smell nice! This is the perfect finishing touch to a newly cleaned home. Kick up your feet and take in all your hard work.
  4. Remember to do things that your future self will thank you for. Take 15 minutes a day to do a quick cleanup! It will help you stay on track the entire year, and is something that your future self will be so happy you did.

We hope this made the idea of cleaning less overwhelming and feel more enjoyable! Don’t forget, these tips aren’t only for the springtime- our goal is that you can use them all year long. At Lincoln Square, we want you to love where you live!



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